Minecraft 1.17

Running the latest version of minecraft, our goal is to provide a vanilla+ experience where players can build amazing structures, trade with each other, and engage in fun combat without the expectation of being worried about griefing.

Modded Arma 3

Paradise Gaming hosts an accessible MILSIM community on Arma 3. Our focus is on competent and organized gameplay open to all skill and experience levels. We achieve unity through our community that addresses all of the basic expectations for players. Sessions will be a mix of campaign, and more casual events, with slots available to sign-up for specialized roles.

Rage MP Roleplay

Currently in active development, and expected to release in beta in fall 2022, our role play server is being developed to combine a high standard of role play with strong elements of an RPG to allow players to tell their story however they'd like without administrative assistance. The server will be built in the open, with frequent updates shared on our discord server.

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